Our family came to the Baikal from France

Our family came to the Baikal from France. We chose the most picturesque place on Lake Baikal – Peschanaya Bay and booked “Baikal Dunes”. Everything was within our expectations: the unique nature, the cozy hotel and the food (the latter was no less important for us)! We spent four unforgettable days full of impressions, night fires, guided tours and independent walks in the forest + sauna and swimming in the Baikal. We are not the first and not the only ones who wanted to come back here again. Everyone was happy with his or her stay, warm welcome. To be honest, we did not want to leave the place and its atmosphere, and tears came to our eyes. A substantial contribution to its creation – a small but effective team, which from the first minute surrounds all newly arrived tourists and their children with their genuine attention and care: feeds, entertains, treats, and helps to solve problems. THANK YOU!!! We thought the hotel has everything for a full and varied holiday.

However, lovers of silence do not book houses with «Standard» rooms — very thin walls, no sound insulation. We thought it was not particularly important and could not spoil a wonderful stay. However, the neighbors in the house grumbled a little on us. We would like to come back here again! Keep it up! You are good!

Family GLOTIN-Guseva

The food is very tasty and varied

We stayed at «Baikal Dunes» — @baikaldunes.

And our holiday was fantastic! I would like to thank all the holiday camp staff; here you are not met as a tourist, but as a close friend and dear guest. The holiday camp has anything for excellent recreation: full board and it is very tasty and varied. Every day you can go hiking with a guide, you can spend the evening at the karaoke bar, or you can go to the bathhouse on the Lake Baikal shore; even they have a gym! As well as various activities for children.

In the evening before leaving, everyone gets together around the fire, where a pot of tea with Baikal herbs…is boiling. Tourists sing songs with a guitar, play games, and all this happens under the starry sky of Lake Baikal.

You already got the message that I was highly excited about the holiday?!

Love the Baikal very much; it is a magical place for me!


#бухтапесчаная #бухтабабушка

Natalia Kazey

A Paradise place of our Baikal

It is great to come back to this Paradise place of our Baikal, in @baikaldunes. During the summer I visited a lot of places to have a rest and I am 100% convinced that the Dunes are the best!!! It is a pity that photos are not able to show all the beauty, but you can see it with your own eyes! This place I want to return and to return again!!!! And I’ll be back there more times.

Alexandra August 2018

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